About Mayamma Samajam

The greatest men of the world have passed away unknown. These self-realized men are calm, serene, silent and quite often unknown. Ever blissful, they abide in themselves. These men do good to the world, unnoticed and unsolicited, by their silent power. The voice of silence is more powerful than the voice of speech, and the highest teaching, it is said, has come from the silent Lord Dakshinamurthy sitting with chinmudra under the banyan tree. The transformation they bring about in the minds and lives of people by their spiritual power has immense impact on the development of society.

Such great and spiritually evolved men live in caves and forests, away from the crowd. But some live amongst us but are not noticed by imperfect men like us. They behave differently which appears to us as abnormal. One such great men who adorned our country was Devi Mayamma who lived on the shores of Kanyakumari. She was scantily dressed in torn rags was surrounded by dogs. She had no home and no shelter. She resided in pure consciousness.

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