Date : 10-08-19
Location : Mayamma Samajam

Thiruvasagam Murtrothal

Thiruvasagam is a volume of Tamil hymns composed by the ninth century Shaivite bhakti poet...
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Date : 02-08-19
Location : Govindapuram, Yogiramsuratkumar Nama Ashram

Sri A.R.P.N Rajamanickam Ayya Bday celebration

Sri A.R.P.N Rajamanickam Ayya birthday celebration at Govindapuram,...
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Date : 31-07-19
Location : Mayamma Samajam

Aadi Amavasai Special Pooja

The month of Aadi is considered highly auspicious...
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Date : 16-07-19
Location : Mayamma Samajam

Sri YogiramSuratKumar Guru Poornima Pooja Celebration

Sri Yogiram SuratKumar Guru Poornima Pooja held at Mayamma Samajam on 16/07/2019. Tuesday special...
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Date : 08-06-17
Location : Kanyakumari Mayamma Samajam

Sri A.R.P.N. Rajamanickam Aradhana Function

Inviting all the devotees to join and grace us with your presence at the...
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Date : 30-11--1
Location : Kanyakumari

Special Programme on the following days every year

-Thai Ammavasai 9th February - Mayamma Aradhana - Chitra Poornima 8th June - Sri...
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