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The greatest men of the world have passed away unknown. These self-realized men are calm, serene, silent and quite often unknown. Ever blissful, they abide in themselves. These men do good to the world, unnoticed and unsolicited, by their silent power. The voice of silence is more powerful than the voice of speech, and the highest teaching, it is said, has come from the silent Lord Dakshinamurthy sitting with chinmudra under the banyan tree. The transformation they bring about in the minds and lives of people by their spiritual power has immense impact on the development of society.

Such great and spiritually evolved men live in caves and forests, away from the crowd. But some live amongst us but are not noticed by imperfect men like us. They behave differently which appears to us as abnormal.

One such great men who adorned our country was Devi Mayamma who lived on the shores of Kanyakumari. She was scantily dressed in torn rags was surrounded by dogs. She had no home and no shelter. She resided in pure consciousness.

She moved about in the lanes and streets of Kanyakumari with the dogs following her. She begged none for food, and whatever food she got from the hoteliers and other she shared it with the dogs. By this conduct she showed that God lives in all living creatures, great or small.

She spoke nothing although she knew many languages. By her silence, she could communicate the wisdom needed by men yearning to know the TRUTH. Radiating spiritual brilliance, she served as the lighthouse leading the people from darkness to LIGHT, from illusion to REALITY.

Although it is widely believed that she hailed from Assam, no one knows it for certain. Her age is a subject-matter of speculation. Her agility defied her appearance. She used to swim from the shore to vivekananda Rock and deep into the sea like a teenager. For hours and hours she used to float in the sea-water.

Age or country of a divine personality is not relevant to us and it does not serve any purpose. They belong to all the Ages and to the entire world.

People called her by different names Mayamma, Devi Mayamma, Mayee, Mayee Devi, Mother, Goddess of Kanyakumari. She was little known in kanyakumari for a long time. A small incident considered to be a miracle by commoners awakened the people to see divinity in the slim and aged lady in torn clothes.

One day a dog was run over by a speeding vehicle and the poor creature’s intestines came out of its body. Bystanders were watching the dog, some helplessly and some unconcerned. The dog was left uncared for and was almost dead. The mother came running, lifted the dog and placing it on her lap, gently inserted the intestines into its normal place. Lo and behold! The dog came alive stood, looked at the Mother with love and ran away. This incident become the talk of the town and people of Kanyakumari started to worship Mayamma Devi as Divine Mother. She did not perform any miracles, but they just happened in her presence. People who ignored her till that day flocked to her with reverence and devotion. Yet, Her love for all living beings was unconditional and absolute. Her very presence was a great blessing to all.

She was, till then, known in and around Kanyakumari only. Another great sage revealed the glory of Mayamma Devi to the people in other parts of South India,

Sadguru Sri Gnananandagiri Swamigal, who was pontiff of jyotir Mutt for sometimes and who later did intense penance in the icy caves of Himalayas and in other parts of India and also in SriLanka for many decades, established an Ashram at Thapovanam on the northern bank of South Pennar river near Tirukkoilur.

One day at Thapovanam a devotee told Sadgurudev that he had visited Kanyakumari.Sadgurudev asked him “what did you see there?”

The devotee replied “the Magnificient Vivekananda Rock, Light house guiding the sailors, Adi Sankara hall, the aura of sunrise and sunset and the famous Bhagavathi (Kanyakumari) Amman Temple.”

Sadgurudev asked him: “Have you not seen a gem there, a priceless onel!”

The devotee thought that Sadgurudev was referring to the nose-ring of the Goddess in the temple which reflected the sun’s rays and replied: “Yes Swamiji, the nose-ring of Bhagavathi Amman, while reflecting the sun’s rays, shines like a diamond.”

Sadgurudev smilingly chided him with these words: “No,No! the Goddess is not in the temple. She is outside the temple roaming around in torn clothes carrying an old bundle and accompanied by dogs. She is the precious Gem. A priceless one! You should have seen her.”

Amongst the devotees present on that day at Thapovanam was Sri. A.R.P.N Rajamanickam Nadar. He understood the message concealed in the nectar-like words of Sadgurudev with the permission of Sadgurudev, he rushed to Kanyakumari like a child in search of its mother. Mother indeed she is to the entire world!

On arrival at Kanyakumari, he made enquiries about the Divine lady and he was told that nobody knew when she came to Kanyakumari, it was believed that she had come from Assam, she was regarded as incarnation of Adi Parasakthi, and that she could be found along with some dogs on the Sea-Shore.

Rajamanickam (literally translated into English the name would read king-gem or king of gems) could immediately find the precious Gem, Devi Mayamma on the seashore. At the confluence of three seas (Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian sea), he prostrated before Devi Mayamma, herself personifying three Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi.

Rajamanickam endeared himself to the MOTHER though intense devotion and selfless service. The iron particle moved towards the Magnet and both stuck together!

Seeing her without even a hut to stay, Rajamanickam constructed a little cottage south of Lord Ganapathy Temple after obtaining permission from the Temple Authorities. But, one cannot limit her to the hut and she roamed around the streets of Kanyakumari as was her wont.

Rajamanickam started “Mayamma Samajam” and bought a piece of land admeasuring about 25 cents opposite to the Light House and construction work of the building to house “Mayamma Samajam” began on 14th November,1974. The building was completed in 1978 and was opened on 7th September 1978.while the Light House guided the ships sailing in the ocean, Mayamma Samajam seved as a beacon Light to the people to swim the ocean of samsara and reach the shore of self-realization.

Devi Mayamma did not travel beyond Kanyakumari ever since she came to the town. Suddenly on 26th September 1976, she made a whirlwind tour. First to Tuticorin and accompanied there by Rajamanickam she went to Kasavanampatti (near Dindigul) to bless Avadhoota Mouna Swamigal and from there to Thapovanam. After paying respects to the Mahasamadhi of Sadguru Sri Gnananandagiri Swamigal at Thapovanam, she went to Tiruvannamalai. At Tiruvannamalai she and Yogi Ramsuratkumar were locked up in silent conversation for 12 hours at the end of which she said “Kaam jaldi karo” in Hindi meaning “DO the work fast”. What did they communicate with each other? We can only guess. Perhaps she wanted Yogi Ramsuratkumarji to hasten his work of redeeming mankind and of giving solace to the conflict-stricken populace. She returned to Kanyakumari on the morning of 28th September 1976 after visiting again Kasavanampatti Mouna Swamigal Enroute. Besides this journey, her only other trips known to human vision were to Sri Nainar Swamigal at Pothayadi, a hill very near to Kanyakumari.

She did not teach anything by speech or in writing. Her silence itself was eloquent. By her own conduct and action, she gave us the message of universal love. “Love all the creatures. See God in everything. Work silently without expecting any reward. Raise yourself and see the kingdom of God within. Float in the sea of pure consciousness”this in short is her message.

Finally Devi Mayamma proceeded to salem and gave dharshan to devotees. The immortal Mother shed her mortal coils on February 9,1992.

The Divine Mother who silently engineered the transformation in men towards ultimate perfection is not physically present now. But her spirit lives. Her Grace, Her Blessings, her silent wisdom-all these will live for eternity.

Paduka Poojas, Prayers, Bhajans, Spiritual and Religious discourses form part of the activities of Mayamma Samajam. Chitra Poornima, Ram Navami, Gokulashtami, Sarad Navaratri, Annual Aradhana of Devi Mayamma are the other important functions celebrated at Samajam. At these function, all the devotees and the poor people are fed.

A trip to Mayamma Samajam will doubtless give you Bliss and eternal happiness.

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